MARKET | Apr 7, 2020

A growth in mass retailing and a boom in e-commerce: food expenditure during the Coronavirus

How can digital technology support the new shopping habits generated by the pandemic emergency?
"In order to respond to disasters, it is necessary to be able to create a new order linked to new behaviors. This is what is also at the basis of society’s resilience. Once the pandemic is over, things will no longer be as they were before, not even for the world of large-scale food retail which has seen an e-commerce boom in recent weeks as a result of the social distancing measures”. Federico Dell’Acqua, CEO of Digitelematica, tries to imagine the restart[…]
SOCIETY | Feb 14, 2019

Big Data get in the game

Big Data have arrived on tennis and volleyball courts. Extracting value from data and statistics has become so important that the number one tennis player Novak Djokovic decided to bring in a Data Scientist[…]
MARKET | Apr 20, 2017

Is Data Lake a new resource?

Organisations are increasingly relying on knowledge derived from data to improve profitability, discover new opportunities, accelerate product and service innovation, and ensure a good customer experience. Big Data however, as[…]