PEOPLE | Jan 24, 2020

Can you buy Food & Grocery online? An interview with the CEO and the CTO of Digitelematica

Federico dell’Acqua and Norberto Viganò on the present and future of e-commerce for the large-scale retail channel
Food is the main item of expenditure for Italian consumers, yet the situation, in the same sector but online, is very different. According to the B2C eCommerce Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, in 2019 the online Food & Grocery market is worth almost 1.6 billion euro, a figure which represents about 5% of the entire eCommerce demand (31.5 billion euro, a growth of 15% compared with 2018). A market which is significantly lower than that of more advanced international markets such[…]
SOCIETY | Feb 14, 2019

Big Data get in the game

Big Data have arrived on tennis and volleyball courts. Extracting value from data and statistics has become so important that the number one tennis player Novak Djokovic decided to bring in a Data Scientist[…]
MARKET | Apr 20, 2017

Is Data Lake a new resource?

Organisations are increasingly relying on knowledge derived from data to improve profitability, discover new opportunities, accelerate product and service innovation, and ensure a good customer experience. Big Data however, as[…]