He boasts many years’ experience in engineering and systems development. He loves to develop customized solutions using all levels of Automation & Information Technology, constantly focusing on the customer’s requirements for its digital transformation path. His work has always been focused on solutions to requests (solution oriented), regardless of the tools needed to create solutions (product oriented). He currently holds the position of Account Manager of Metal & Mining of Engineering do Brasil.

TECH | Sep 18, 2020

Robotization: from concept to practice

Among the many types of robots, which one is the best? Which should I choose? The answer is quite simple: it depends
Robotization processes, understood as processes which automate repetitive activities and progressively replace human work, have taken on new momentum with Industry 4.0. Although there are debates about the social impact generated by this process, the benefits deriving from use of this technology are innumerable: increased productivity, precision and accuracy of the task, drastic reduction of the impact of absenteeism in production and, above all, the removal of people from dangerous and unhealthy areas. In today's industrial parks, most industrial robots are limited[…]