Project manager and senior economist researcher, she is responsible for coordinating and implementing complex projects. She collaborates with several research organizations (Formez, Fondazione IFEL, ANCI, CIttalia, Fondazione Rosselli, Fondazione Cotec, Federculture) on issues of digital transformation, organizational innovation and network empowerment, innovation in PA training processes, public and territorial policy evaluation, local development, territorial planning. She is currently project manager and research director at the Digital Transformation Institute and consultant at Formez and MIUR.

MARKET | Nov 22, 2018

Digital Transformation: are Italian companies ready?

The opinion of ICT companies on the degree of Digital Transformation achieved by their client companies
Social Media and Big Data. In recent years these are the technologies that Italian companies seem to be investing in and along with the Internet of Things, are their immediate focus for the future. This view is stated by the ICT Associate companies Assintel, the national Association of ICT and digital companies of Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia, reflecting on the plans of their client companies. It is the result of the Retail Transformation survey, carried out by the Digital Transformation Institute and CFMT in collaboration with SWG and Assintel, which compares the[…]