Sociologist, specialized in organizational sciences, he is a researcher, trainer and consultant. He directed the S3 Studium Research Sector from 1998 to 2014. He previously collaborated with companies, research institutions (including, in particular, Cesos and Censis) and public administrations. He has carried out many prospective studies (concerning, among others, the Italian national economic system, the service sector, the labor market, consumption, scientific research, professions, human resource management and marketing). He has published or edited numerous books; among the most recent, the following are noted: Il futuro dell’energia . Uno scenario per il 2020 (The Future of Energy. A Scenario for 2020) – 2012; Generazioni. Giovani e anziani nel 2020 (Generations. Young and Old in 2020) – 2012); IT 2020. Il futuro dell’Information Technology in Italia, con Antonio Savarese (IT 2020. The Future of Information Technology in Italy, with Antonio Savarese) – 2014.

SOCIETY | Feb 9, 2017

The Public Administration of the future

How Digital Transformation will change the PA by 2025 according to "TLC 2025" research
The public sphere will increasingly play a role in the development of infrastructures, market regulation, guaranteeing tax equity guarantee among different players, protecting the confidentiality of our personal sphere in the face of the pervasiveness of Big Data, but also as a protagonist – through the Public Administration, cultural heritage management structures, those responsible for territorial marketing – of innovation of service enabled by the digital development that will occur in coming years. By 2025, public actors will therefore be, in various[…]