TECH | Mar 13, 2018

Back2basics: Digital Transformation

The meaning of the words "Digital Transformation"

A phenomenon that is reshaping economic, political and social scenarios, leading us to reflect on what things become when they are “touched” by digital logic.

An authentic revolution of meaning destined to transform the way we see the economy, but also much more.  Because change starts with technology, but affects society and people.  And here then, in a context in which digital is increasingly entering our lives in a pervasive way, we will be called in the coming years to reflect on the “sense” of this change of meaning: on the sense of economy and work, but also on that of relationships, of culture, of models of growth and sustainability, and of politics. Even of friendship.

The instruments

The instruments will be an ensemble of technologies and phenomena which, like the “web”, “internet” or “smartphones” have done in recent years, will become – for better or for worse – an integral part of our lives and our vocabulary.  But for change to produce a positive effect, it is essential to have awareness of the characteristics and dynamics of the revolution underway.  Because while it is true that technologies are never intrinsically “good” or “bad”, the same cannot be said of the way they are adopted and structured in society. And to make sure that the sense of change is positive, the first challenge to fight is that for awareness.

Awareness of the impacts, opportunities and threats that new scenarios opened up by transformative processes entail, implemented by elements such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, social media, the sharing economy, BlockchainIndustry 4.0 and many other concepts.

Instruments and phenomena that represent the single letters necessary to produce words of complete meaning in this transformative dynamic. Words with which to articulate whole discourses that allow us to give a positive sense to this change of global meaning.

The sense

Understanding “the words of transformation” is the first step towards gaining awareness of its dynamics, and awareness is the strongest instrument for giving a positive sense to change: of our companies as of our lives.

Stefano Epifani