PEOPLE | Nov 28, 2017

FIWARE: the key words are interoperability and standards

The community will meet in Malaga on 28 and 29 November to consolidate the platform and its ecosystem

FIWARE, the independent open source platform designed to define standards that enable all types of enterprises and industries to create and share transferable and interoperable “smart” solutions around the world, brings together its community for the third time on 28 and 29 November in Malaga.

Davide Dalle Carbonare, a researcher who has been following the initiative since its origins – explains: “the program boasts a rich technical content in the sessions dedicated to developers and is ready to fulfil its sounding-board role for the success stories that will be told by the attending start-ups.”

The parallel sessions for developers allow getting in touch directly with the persons in charge of the Generic Enablers: there will be in-depth insights for individual services, exercises, and moments of sharing that will enrich participants’ knowledge.

It will be a great opportunity for start-ups to listen to interesting visions for smart city, agri-food and industry solutions from ICT leaders. In addition, the summit represents an opportunity for the FIWARE Foundation and its members to continue working on consolidating the platform and its ecosystem.

FIWARE, in its capacity as an open platform, allows its provision of services to be developed. What are the most important novelties during this past year?

“Thanks to strategic alliances such as the one with the Connecting Europe Facility, the main European program which supports the implementation of a trans-European, high-performance, sustainable and efficient infrastructure focusing on the transport, energy and digital services industry – Domibus has been added to the FIWARE services, useful for reliable document exchange. In view of this, FIWARE has provided CEF with the Orion Context Broker, which plays a central role in applications that manage context information.

Other members of the FIWARE Foundation have also recently proposed new Generic Enablers for which the evaluation and inclusion process is currently underway and in the agenda at the FIWARE Technical Steering Committee periodic meetings.”

How is the current components’ development growing? What actions are being taken to ensure the quality of these services?

“The sixth version of the FIWARE stack was closed last month and as usual, the owners of the Generic Enablers are called to produce the roadmap of their components for the next version. All these roadmaps are made public in order that planning the main activities should be visible to members of the FIWARE Community, and more generally to all those who use FIWARE as the basis for developing their projects. In addition to providing access to preliminary information concerning the evolution of the single component, this practice allows actively recruiting those people who, driven by personal experience, are interested in proposing new functions, in line with the best practices underlying an open source community. Every contribution is welcome, particularly if it is a good code.

In parallel with the maintenance and development activities of the Generic Enablers, the work of the Quality Assurance group dedicated to FIWARE components, a group which acts independently from Generic Enablers owners and developers and which carries out test campaigns and publishes the results on the FIWARE catalogue, continues. The tests carried out cover the verification of the expected functionalities, the component performance during particular load situations, the documentation, the information published on the catalogue and the training courses available at the FIWARE Academy. Once all these tests have been completed for a single Generic Enabler, it is possible to calculate the synthetic indicator (similar to that used by household appliances in order to indicate the energy consumption class), which is also published as additional information available in the catalogue.”

What is the situation concerning acceleration programs for start-ups which have a FIWARE involvement?

“FIWARE continues to have a leading role in start-up acceleration initiatives as is currently envisaged by the IMPACT-Growth program which funds winning ideas with up to 250,000 euros. As is the case for the well-known and now closed FIWARE Accelerate program, the proposals must use the FIWARE technology stack to implement their solutions in this case also. To date, proposals can still be sent concerning smart city, agri-food, manufacturing and digital content domains.

Just to give an idea of the size and interest raised by this initiative, the first call received more than 1,900 proposals, from which 14 were selected and will be able to access the next stage. The participants came from about 60 countries distributed between America, Asia, Africa and of course Europe.”